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The PATAM Card™

We realise how costly maintaining compliance can be. 

As of 2017, managing compliance added up to 32% of direct costs, and up to 40% of a company's indirect costs

But Compliance is critical. Non-compliance is 270% more expensive, potentially causing business disruption, productivity declines, fees, penalties and other settlement costs. 

So why use the PATAM Card instead?

PATAM provides your company with an affordable, smarter alternative. PATAM is the  innovative digital identity solution transforming company compliance. 

Let's take a closer look at the cost advantages you may gain by becoming PATAM-compliant. 

(based on a company containing 750000 employees - the gains still apply to smaller businesses)

(based on an industry average)

(PATAM-Compliant company cost found using PATAM Price Calculator)

As shown, by incorporating PATAM, your company can reduce your compliance costs by up to 95%

And here are 3 key reasons why. 

PATAM smart technology handles employee checks and competencies for you, saving you substantial administrative and labour costs

PATAM automatically links your workforce to relevant industry-specific trainings and certifications to ensure compliance is being met, saving you significant search costs

The PATAM® system is GDPR compliant, meaning your member data is protected and privacy valued, reducing your cyber security costs


Still Interested?

Great, Let's Explore The PATAM Card


The front of card contains your photo, your unique identification number number for PATAM and other key information that helps identify you as the card holder.  The card is more than a printed membership card and it is a full smart card containing a microchip with information on the reverse in case you lose the card.

The card itself contains a Near-Field Communication (NFC) microchip
that can communicate with compatible devices,
such as smart-phones, tablets and NFC readers.
This technology is called PATAM Smart Technology.

We recommend setting up your virtual card immediately on your phone or handheld device.
This will ensure that you can always access your training records even when you do not have your physical card with you.
Learn more.