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COVID-19 Vaccines may not be mandatory, but researchers in Europe emphasise how companies adhering to COVID-19 vaccination programmes can enhance their competitive advantage.

> COVID-19 Vaccines can vastly improve business relations.  Several customers are keen to resume face-face negotiations with service providers.  Hence, the employment of vaccinated employees provide greater flexibility to clients regarding how they would like to progress client relationships, compared to non-vaccinated employees.

> Companies employing only vaccinated employees can substantially reduce supplementary protective measures.  Personnel planning costs also reduce as all vaccinated employees reduce shortages due to quarantine.

> Damage claims from employees are reduced.  By ensuring employees are vaccinated, the legal duty care is met, reducing employee claims against the employer for not reducing the chance of infections to the best of their ability.

> Damage claims from 3rd parties are reduced. By ensuring employees are vaccinated, customers and business partners are also protected from infections arising from business interactions with non-vaccinated employees.

PATAM Can help encourage and ensure your company is COVID-19 vaccinated, by managing vaccination bonuses to employees, evaluating employee immunisation status and smart premises restrictions for employees who do not comply. 

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