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Step 1 – Exploring the card

The front of the card

The front of card contains your photo, your unique identification number for PATAM and other key information that helps identify you as the card holder.  The card is more than a printed membership card and it is a full smart card containing a microchip with information on the reverse in case you lose the card.

The back of the card

The back of the card only contains lost and found information and a Code of Conduct.  It contains a web page address and a scannable QR Code (this is not the QR Code that is used to check with Checarda) that points to a web page in case your card is ever lost and is found.  In this event the person who finds your card will be able to return the card to us.

Inside the Card

The card itself contains a Near-Field Communication (NFC) microchip that can communicate with compatible devices, such as smart-phones, tablets and NFC readers.  This technology is called PATAM Smart Technology.

Step 2 – Explore your Virtual Card

Your virtual card is provided to you through the Vircada App.

The physical card can only work with devices that can read NFC chips; this includes most Android devices.  You can use your virtual card to download documents, qualifications, company policies and awards.

Using your Virtual Card

We recommend setting up your virtual card immediately on your phone or handheld device.  This will ensure that you can always access your training records even when you do not have your physical card with you. Learn more.

This is your backup

PATAM Smart Technology works with NFC compatible devices.  Nearly all android devices are all NFC compatible, but you may need to operate using your virtual card if the reader is not NFC compatible. Learn more.

To check you Virtual Card using a Checarda NFC Reader we recommend the following devices – Checarda App Readers for PC’s

Setup My Virtual Card