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PATAM Launch Day

/PATAM Launch Day

PATAM Launch Day

The official launch for PATAM took place today with selected guests across the logistics automotive and recovery industries hosted by Team Brit.

All guests were met with a reception at Team BRIT’s headquarters, located at the Top Gear test track at Dunsfold Aerodrome in Surrey with introductory presentations given from CEO Gary Tucker and Chief of Operations Ian Dumont, former Head of National Recovery at the AA.

The day provided forty eight delegates with an opportunity to find out more about the PATAM Scheme and the problems and pains that it solves for firms operating large fleets within logistics, mostly notably identification, licensing, qualification and other key issues faced by drivers and their fleet managers whilst out moving goods accessing controlled sites and locations.

Ian Dumont, Chief Operations officer explained the reasons for taking a central role at PATAM.  Ian said he recognised the PATAM Schemes as the solution he needed when he was Head of Compliance responsible for a large fleet.  General questions and answers following the presentation gave guests an opportunity to find out more about the corporate orientated PATAM Identity Card (TM).   The presentation delivered by CEO Gary Tucker showed how on the corporate scheme, the PATAM Card is branded to the company and works seamlessly giving the employee a Smart Card that can be read by on-site at the road side creating a digital wallet of all his or her key information about their insurance, competency, licensing when working by the roadside.

Further questions and interest was given to protection of personal data and how the PATAM Scheme is fully GDRP compliant and enables card holders to maintain their personal records and port their card to a personal scheme when they leave an organisation maintaining all their training, qualifications, licenses and other key details of their own personally managed PATAM Card (TM).

We’d like to give thanks to Team Brit, all our guests and in particular to the crew at Team BRIT for sharing the day with us.

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