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CMG joins the PATAM Card scheme

/CMG joins the PATAM Card scheme

CMG joins the PATAM Card scheme

PATAM Group Limited are pleased to announce that CMG have joined the ever-growing number of companies to sign up for the Company PATAM Scheme.

With CMG’s extensive range of transport and recovery vehicles, backed up by highly- skilled technicians and over 40-years of experience, they provide a world-class professional service to the breakdown, transport and logistics industries. The contract will see all of CMG’s staff issued company branded PATAM competency and compliance digital identity cards once they have met the ‘Roadside Safe’ criteria.

Jason Brice, Managing Director of CMG, stated:

“CMG are committed to bringing the highest standards to our operations. We ensure the competence and capability of our employees is paramount for each and every one within the CMG team.

The digital identity PATAM card supports their health and safety at work and hopefully rubs off in to their personal lives, whilst at the same time ensures the safe handling of our customer’s vehicles / property. The PATAM scheme impressed us very much. It offers an effective means at a reasonable cost to provide each member of the team skills and training records. These are updated in real time and are readily available whenever they are required. The support offered throughout the process has been tremendous. Our team have taken to it well as this gives instance recognition. We are proud to be involved at the early stages of the schemes development”

The qualification criteria that enabled CMG to be deemed as “Roadside Safe” for the PATAM card scheme, meant the following standards had to be met:

  • Online DriveAWARE training (45 minutes CPD, which meets HSE recommended guidelines for compliance of company vehicle drivers)
  • A recognised Government license check
  • Electric and Hybrid awareness training
  • Industry standard vocational training
  • Full insurance
  • A company Operators Licence and/or PAS43

Gary Tucker the Chief Executive at PATAM Group Limited commented

“We are delighted to be working with the outstanding team at CMG.  CMG has once again taken steps to show senior management commitment to the development and investment in their staff in order to show total compliance and competency.  Over the coming quarter we are looking forward to bringing more news about how CMG are using the scheme”.

If you would like to find out more about the scheme adopted by CMG click through to find out about PATAM Identity Card (TM).

For more information about CMG, please find them at or on their Facebook Page.



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