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The PATAM Card ™

Join the compliance revolution

What do PATAM provide?

PATAM offers a virtual and physical digital-identity card solution to individuals and companies.

All PATAM Cards feature PATAM SMART Technology.

This allows each card to interface with readers on all devices including Mobile Phones, Apps, Computer Hardware and Software and also Door Access systems.

Learn about the Personal Scheme

The PATAM Personal Card enables you to add your qualifications, licenses, competencies, CPD and accreditations to the scheme so that card readers can view and access your information.

PATAM Readers include software and hardware used by Gate Keepers, Employers and other personnel to access training records, competencies and auditable documentation.

In addition, any individual you present your card to can read your PATAM Card ™ by using the Checarda App.

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Find out about the Corporate Scheme

The PATAM Corporate Scheme provides organisations with a variety of choices for integrating PATAM Cards to meet their individual or business needs.

The two Corporate Schemes that are available provide choice depending on company requirements.   There is a membership option called the PATAM Membership Card™ and an option for employees called the PATAM Identity Card™.

These two cards are fully available to organisations either as Virtual or Physical cards.

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