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PATAM Green Identity Scheme 

Welcome To The Smarter, Efficient Way To Go Green

The Complete, Adaptable, ISO-14001 Accreditable Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility Management Solution

If you're part of a company that wants to be more sustainable, gain relevant accreditations and grants but you don't have the time to actively internally monitor your own Sustainability efforts,  then joining our PATAM Green Identity Scheme is the next best step!



Why Choose An Environmental CSR Management Scheme?

Every year, Fortune 500 Companies spend on average £14 billion on CSR.

Smart CSR can help your company stand out from the crowd.

Below are 3 reasons to choose an Environmental CSR Management Scheme to help you.

Reduce Your Admin Costs

Lowering management costs of going green. Companies are no longer burdened with having to manage all the environmental schemes at once. The Environmental CSR Management Scheme does it for them.

Boost Your Brand Reputation

The Environmental Management Scheme provider can set and monitor a portfolio of CSR activities amd goals,  so the company can attain the range of environmental accreditations out there.

Drive Down Your Labour Costs

The very best Environmental CSR Managment Schemes can even cover company training costs to become eco-friendly.  This is a feature PATAM’s Green Identity Scheme is perfect for, managing environmental workforce training via its linked EnvironmentAWARE programme.


PATAM'S Green Identity Scheme is the latest of PATAM’s Compliance Solutions — a specialist Environmental Management Scheme but completely adaptable to your company, whichever industry your company is in. Let's Discover More with the 4 Key Pillars Of Our Scheme. 

Seamless Environmental CSR Management

We Can seamlessly manage a range of CSR targets and goals for you, whether you want to become a living wage-accredited organisation, or you want to be ISO-14001 Certified.

Ability To Connect Workforce To Environmental Training

We can connect your company workforce directly to environmental training upon registering, ensuring the workforce meets environmental standards

 Gain Grants, Gain Goals

We can assist companies in gaining industry-relevant environmental grants through setting relevant company milestones.

Gain Efficiencies

 As the Green Identity Scheme manages all the key aspects of environmental management, your recurring managerial, regulatory and training costs for companies practicing CSR are significantly reduced

Call 01245 942350 For A Free Consultation. Let's Take Your Environmental & Workforce CSR To The Next Level.

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