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PATAM For Universities

PATAM is set to transform the future of identity management in Universities, B-schools & other research institutions around the world

With our industry-recognised network of smart technology systems, there has never been a better time to join the PATAM® Student/Staff ID Card Scheme.

With our range of digital identity customisations, PATAM offers your university a far more protective, effective and tailored experience to secure your academic community than the average student identity scheme



Register Your University With PATAM

Your students can download a smart Univerisity-branded PATAM card on mobile

Your staff & students sign up to the PATAM University Scheme

Once activated, staff & student can check in with their physical or virtual PATAM cards across your campus alongside other organisations hosting PATAM/Checarda/Vircarda  scanning systems

Your students receive a University-Branded PATAM card, or the PATAM system can be integrated into existing card systems

On scanning a staff or student's PATAM card, you can receive information of your staff and students, including attendance, qualifications COVID compliance, trainings schedule & relevant academic & compliance information of your staff & students, securing your University's standards

PATAM is transforming how universities manage their security & compliance

PATAM goes above & beyond in tailoring digital identity solutions for whichever academic institution you are in.

Below are a few customisations the PATAM system can implement in  your university, so you can focus on research excellence, student satisfaction & better course delivery

PATAM is combatting COVID-19 in universities

Unlike many ID cards, the PATAM system acts as a COVID-19 passport enhancing protection for your academic community, while ensuring universities do not breach future COVI-19 legislation

This is because PATAM cards are filterable to only grant staff and students vaccinated against COVID-19 access to campus facilities, while those not tested or vaccinated for COVID are prevented from doing so.


PATAM is streamlining academic technology access

PATAM's smart technology systems can provide  secure,  efficient "OWN & KNOW" single-sign on processes for students & staff on whichever laptop and desktop they are using

The PATAM University single-sign on system is a two-step "OWN & KNOW" process.

Staff/ student scans their OWN PATAM card to computer system


Staff/Student enters designated pin which they KNOW for additional security