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Join The Compliance Revolution

PATAM provides your company with a bespoke, industry-leading end-end solution, taking care of all your compliance needs.

With our specialist network of smart technology systems, PATAM® is fast becoming the complete digital identity, competence and compliance solution for an ever-expanding portfolio of industries

Register To Become A PATAM-Compliant Team

Your members sign up to the PATAM Compliance Scheme 

Your members receive a physical PATAM card

Your members download a smart PATAM card on mobile

Once activated, members can check in with their physical or virtual PATAM cards across your company offices plus other organisations hosting PATAM/Checarda/Vircarda  scanning systems

On scanning a member's PATAM card, you receive relevant training & compliance information of your members & other PATAM holders, securing your organisational compliance standards

PATAM is transforming the way industries manage their compliance 

Labour-intensive internal compliance audits have long stressed companies, costing excess time & money

However, by becoming a PATAM-compliant company, you can be rest assured that your compliance needs are met,  and you can focus your activities on increasing your competitiveness, for example innovation, growth & better service delivery

PATAM manages the authentication process of your members.

Whether a contractor, new or existing employee, individuals only gain a PATAM card after a verified licence & identity check

PATAM manages the competencies of your members

PATAM provides members access to all relevant certifications and trainings. Members are immediately updated should a new certification need renewing. If critical qualifications are left unrenewed, the PATAM card is disabled, preventing non-compliant members from accessing the technology & premises 

PATAM ensures the data protection of your members

Transferring compliance to an external provider involves the transfer of personal data.

Thankfully, the PATAM® system is GDPR compliant, meaning member data is protected and privacy valued

PATAM acts as a mobile data cloud on compliance information for your members

PATAM provides members with instant access to company policies, procedures, manuals and & custom notifications, ensuring members are always adhering to regulatory standards

PATAM acts as a proof of credibility for your members when entering other organisations

With a growing network of companies joining PATAM, your members can use their PATAM cards on any site using the PATAM system, and also the Checarda or Vircarda App, saving unnecessary repeated internal audits

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PATAM Features

PATAM Smart Technology

Seamless, versatile & convenience. This is the focus of PATAM Smart Technology. 

PATAM Smart Techology uses near field communication allowing each card to interface with readers on all devices including Mobile Phones, Apps, Computer Hardware and Software, Door Access systems, securing your company in one tap.


Mobile Integration

PATAM is flexible for the user. The PATAM solution is smartphone-integrated, providing users with virtual cards on receiving their PATAM physical card.  

Our Clients

PATAM is a  bespoke, multi-industry solution. Below are a few examples of our clients who have successfully integrated the PATAM systems to manage their standards

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